Extract from "The Maze of Madness"

How far did that dark-infested corridor stretch? Its walls were jagged and narrow; whilst a stale dampness seeped through pores in its stone. Here and there this moisture snared some light, but I knew not its source. I had little choice but to fumble forth into the unknown. The ground was coarse and strewn with what I could only assume were rocks and the splintered bones of dead vermin. A sudden surge of claustrophobia made my skin burn with a nauseating clamminess. The black tunnel amplified my every panicked breath and in the dark abyss which lay before me I heard the scuffling of footfalls and the ethereal tears of one in distress. I called out for help. Oh, how foolish I was. No words returned my pleas; instead they were met with a guttural howl which boomed through the earth like thunder. At first there was one voice, and then there were many; then came the deafening opus of countless bodies scrambling towards me.